Beyond The Bell (LAUSD-sponsored)

LAUSD offers general supervision, at no cost, for children in Grades 2 through 5 each afternoon from dismissal until 6pm as part of its Youth Services Beyond the Bell Program.  This consists of a trained supervisor who oversees the children who are on the school play structures and in the athletic yard.  This program is free of charge;  to learn more about the program, please see the playground coach, or leave notes in the Youth Services mail box in the Main Office.   

Kindergarteners and 1st Graders are not eligible for participation in Beyond the Bell and must be picked up directly from their teachers! They are NOT allowed to be on the yard after school without their parents or a caregiver.

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Kids Ko-R (Independent) 

** Note: These fee-based programs are not sponsored by LAUSD or the administration of Third Street School **

The Kinder Ko-R and Kid's Ko-R (Grade 1 - 5) programs provide children with a wide range of age appropriate supervised activities including arts & crafts, projects, story time, educational games, outdoor play and board games.  There is a daily homework lab available. Individual classes are also available making your student's after school stay on campus stimulating and fun! Our programs interweave time to learn to have fun, to grow with friends while enjoying the safety of Third Street's campus.

The after school program hours are from 2:30-5:00pm and extended care hours are from 2:30-6:15pm. In addition, Winter, Spring and Summer Camps are provided by Kid's Ko-r on campus during school breaks. Visit for more information.

For more information about Kids Ko-r, contact Ann Hutchinson (323 481-3268).  Do not contact the school office, as this service is not affiliated with LAUSD or the Third Street School administration.

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Off-Campus After-School Programs (Independent) 

** Note: These private after-school programs are not sponsored by LAUSD or the administration of Third Street Elementary **

Some families arrange after-school care for their children via private, off-campus organizations which pick up children at the school.  Private after-school programs pick up students in Grades 2-5 at the Las Palmas gate only (kindergarteners and 1st Graders are picked up directly from their teacher at their respective classrooms). At no time are students to wait outside the school entrances.