3rd Street Elementary will offer full-day in-person instructional programming to all students, 5 days a week, on all of its campuses – all while maintaining the highest standards of safety.

Throughout the year, this page will be updated with resources related to our return to full-day in-person instruction.

Student COVID-19 Testing
Spring 2022 Baseline Testing Sites.PNG

Info on stationary Spring 2022 Baseline COVID testing at LAUSD school sites.

Covid Test Sites.PNG

A List of COVID-19 Test Sites, including LAUSD options, LA County Options, and ones recommended by 3rd Street Parents

Guide - Uploading External COVID Test Record.PNG

Parent Guide:​

How to upload an external COVID Test Record

Parent Guide - How to View your Child's COVID Test Results.PNG

Parent Guide:​

How to view your child's COVID test result

Parent Guide - How to Give and Manage Consent for Periodic Testing.PNG

Parent Guide:​

How to give and manage parent consent for periodic COVID testing

At Home Rapid Test Guidance.PNG

Parent Guide:​

LAUSD Self-test Guidance for Parents

Return to Campus Resources for Parents
Welcome Back to School Family Guide.PNG

Information on LAUSD's return to full-day, in-person instructional programming for all students, 5 days a week, on all its campuses.​

Linking Student on Parent Portal.PNG

Parent Guide: How to link your child to a parent portal account.

Daily Pass Website.PNG

Information about the Daily Pass App, including details on how to use it and how to create a shortcut on your iPhone/Android phone. ​

Isolation and Exposure Management

The following guidelines and checklist will be used should there be a suspected or confirmed positive case of COVID on camppus.

To view each, click its corresponding image.

LAUSD Isolation Protocols for Positive COVID-19 Cases.PNG
Spring 2022 Exposure Mangement IOC.PNG
LADPH Reopening Protocols for K-12 Schools

Guiding our return to campus is the County of Los Angeles Department of Public Health's Reopening Protocols for K-12 Schools: Appendices T1 and T2. 

To view each appendix, click its corresponding image.