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Additional Return from Winter Break Updates

Please see the following additional updates regarding our return from winter break.

  1. ​Baseline student PCR tests dated January 3, 2022 or after will be accepted.

  2. Student antigen tests (at-home tests) are now accepted however must have been administered between January 8 to January 10. Before uploading the photo of the antigen test result into the Daily Pass Portal, handwrite your child's name, date of birth, and test date on the test result.

  3. If your child tested positive for COVID-19 during winter break, upload the positive result to the Daily Pass Portal and contact LAUSD's Community Engagement team at or 213-725-5637. Students who tested positive during winter break or previously tested positive within the last 90 days of January 11, 2022 are exempt from baseline testing.

  4. In light of present circumstances, our plans to reopen campus to parents have been postponed. All drop-off and pick-up procedures that were in place prior to Winter Break will remain in effect till further notice.

Principal Kim will be hosting a Q/A session on Monday, January 10 at 8:30 AM to address questions. The Zoom link is:

Meeting ID: 895 8965 2048 Passcode: gopanth3rs


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