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Annual Giving Update: Week 2

As students return to school this year, our community continues to face uncertainty and FOT is here to provide support in many ways. In partnership with program vendors, FOT provides critical programs like tech and PE, after-school library hours, mindfulness, and arts programs. This year FOT will continue strong support of both our students and teachers, with professional development, additional classroom support and more.

Let’s work together toward 100% school-wide participation since 100% of our kids benefit from these great programs!

See where your class stands: Participation Tracker.

Make a donation that is meaningful for your family at:

Congratulations to Ms. Sung in room 20 and Ms. Hong in room 22, who are leading for participation and fundraising respectively. Remember, each class to reach 100% participation earns a special perk and a $50 gift card for the teacher. First 9 teachers to hit 100% get additional perks too!

Congratulations to Ms. Pak’s class for reaching 100% participation. Will your child’s teacher be next?

Thank you to this week’s donors:

Emma & Maya Moon Family

The Zelman Family

Kim Family

Segal Family

Carolyn Brandt

Cameron/Dingle Family

The Choi Family

Nicole Choi

The Besser Family

Lee-Jones Family

Nakamura Family

The Herbert Family

Maya Conn

Nola Belle Newmark

The Park Family

The Gueler Family

The Greene Family

Hae Won Lee and Stephen Choi

Yoo Roh

Allison Lee and Jonathan Stuart

The Walker Family

Chang Family

The Kim Family

Mabel Park

Yoon Family

The Song Family

The Baker Family

Zack and Erin Zupke

Rhim Family

Alex and David Ruiz

Yoon Family

The Silberman/Fuller Family

The Wagle Family

Cairo Albert

The Singh Family

Marigliano Marron Family

The Ranen Family

Micah Kim Family

The Morris Family

Lafferty-Shetter Family

Hilal/Tilley Family

The Kim Family

The Park Family

Joshua Lee

The Speer Family

The Nam Family

Ethan Baek Family

Jasmine Lee Family

Lia Chung Family

Elizabeth Schmidt/Matthew Peskay

Fisher-Kang Family

Paulette Gallegos

Brandon Choi and Family

The Kim Family


Hoshartsaga Family

The Kim Family

Jiyeon Lee

The Gore Family

Irene and Daniela's Family

The Atkins Family

The Yoo Family

OuYang Family

The Daniel Family

Robyn Kuroki

The Shahak Family

The LoSasso Family

The Park Family

Hudson Lee Family

The Hagan Family

Gurantz-Au Family

Pearce Family

Seowon Yun

The Cross Family

Cole and Darth Vader

Ace Lee Family

The David-Preston Family

The Kim Family

The Rangel Family

Jiang Family

The Cho Family

Altankhundaga family

Reyzin Family

The Li Family

Stefani Family

Ian Family

The Thomas Family

Gettens/MacKenzie Family

Davin's Family

AJ and CJ Kwon Family

Ruiz Family

Xuejing Sun

Ted and Connie Cho

Heather Olander

Hyun J An

Kosenko-Zhylka Family

The Mendoza Family

The Sumiya Family

The Jacob Family

The Champavere Family

The Zhao Family

The Zschaschel Family

Angle Family

Minhee Kim

Byung Kim


The Bazire Family

Aria Uttam and Family

William Kho

The Nah Family

Keisha Ansley

Jayden and Janice Yoon

Keiner Family

Mac Kenzie Wallace

Lewis Park Family

Hwasuk On and Jihye Hwang

Eric Kim

Jacob's Family

Matsuyama Family

Lim Family

The Pring Family

Sean Park Family

Liam's Family

The Davis Family

올해 학생들이 학교로 돌아감에 따라, 우리 커뮤니티는 계속해서불확실한 상황과 마주하고 있으며 FOT는 이에 도움이 되기 위해 다양한 방법으로 지원을 제공할 예정입니다. FOT는 여러 프로그램 공급업체와 협력하여 , 컴퓨터 등 기술과 체육, 방과 후도서관 운영, 명상(mindfulness)과 아트 프로그램과 같은 중요한 프로그램들을 제공합니다. 올해, FOT는 전문성 향상과 추가적인 클래스 서포트 등을 통해 학생과 교사 모두를 위해 계속해서 아낌 없는 지원을 할 것입니다. 목표는 모든 가족의 100% 참여입니다. 모든 학생들이 훌륭한 프로그램의 혜택을 누리니까요. 에서 각 교실의 기부진행 상황을 확인하실 수 있으며,에서 각 가족에게 의미 있는 기부를 하실 수 있습니다. 지금까지 참여와 기금 마련에앞장서고 있는 Ms. Sung (RM 20)과 Ms. Hong (RM 22) 축하드립니다. 기억해주세요!! 100% 참여를 달성하는 각 반을 위해 특별한 선물과 선생님을 위한 $50 기프트 카드가 준비됩니다. 또한, 100%를 달성한 선착순 9명의 선생님에게도 추가 혜택을 드립니다!

Ms. Pak 선생님 반의 100 % 참여를 축하합니다. 다음 100% 참여 반은 어느 선생님 반이 될까요?


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