Annual Giving Update: Week 3

Happy Labor Day weekend!

We are at the halfway mark for our Annual Giving Fundraising Drive and we are floored by the outpouring of support for our community. We already have 4 classrooms giving at 100%! Congratulations to Ms. Kwon in room 35 is leading for both participation and fundraising respectively.

Check the leaderboard to see where your class stands. The first 9 teachers to hit 100% get a gift card and special perks for the class. School-wide participation stands at 51%. Our goal is 100% participation and we are making great progress. Go Panthers!

We are asking each family to donate $1000 per student. This might not work for your family, and that is okay. Please consider making a donation that is meaningful for your family. Every bit benefits all of our students.

If your family is in a position to provide more generous support for our community, please do so. If your workplace offers corporate matching, that can amplify your gift as well. Set up a plan that works for your family at We are all in this together!

Thank you to this week’s donors:

The Busch Family

The Lilley Family

The Chu Family

The Braun Family

Riley's Family

Whalen Family

The Bastin Family

Baek Family

Family of Avery Kim

Isaacs Family

Marcos Perez and family

The Koo Family

Sao-Canty Family

Sharon Family

The Choi Family

Benavides Family

Khamets Family

The Zoe Jeon Family

Julia Lee's Family

Evans Family

Leo and Lily's Family


Ramirez Family

Lani Jeong Family

Eva Simone's Family

The Chae Family Steven Kim Family

Ella and Ellie Kim

Rachel Ocampo

Mason Kim's Family

Petronzio Family

Richman Family

The Kim Family

The Mungunshagai Family

The Chang Family

The Cohan Family

Eliana Kwon

Sophia Lee

The Family of Joshua and Eliya Hong

Baron and Mandy Koo's Family

The Jin Family

The Choi Family

Seokcheon Shon

The Monteiro Family

The Huser Family

The Cho Family

Emerson Family

Gilbert Montoya

The Woo Family

Diane Hwang

The Jang Family

Irene Hong

Yonghwan Shin

The Epstein Family

Bo Kim

Allison + Elliot Park Family

The Kim Family

Rafiei Family

Addie and Ruth's Family

The Dunn Family

Dong Kim

The Million Family

Kinsey Matson

William Fenton Hathaway

The Alex Nam Family

The Blaine Family

The Jang Family

The Koo Family

The Hong Family

Bensen Family

Ellie Kim

The LaCour Family

The Lee Family

Anne McAllister and Justin Wilson

The Kim Family

The Moncrief Family

The Woolley Family

Griffin/Mauff Family

The Wilcox-Esada Family

The Ryu Family

Ceppaglia Family

The Lee Family

The Brook Family

The Song Family

Jiho Pak Family

Sofia Stevenson

The Banzali Family

Josiah T Park and Family

Jina Kim's Family

Isabella and Noelle Choi's Family

Olivia Grace Atkins

The Lee Family

Zoe Family

The Han Family

The Park Family

Stella Kim and Family

Pranab Banskota

Herrmann Family

The Wright Family

Yuna Cho

The Akbari Family

The Yoon Family

The Solomons

The Choi Family

Voilet Gurkins

Graciela Martinez and Eric Carlson

Danny Kim

Hazel Moon

Gi Hyung Kang and Young Jin Cho

Jasmine Lee Family

Aaron's Family

Noelle Ko

The Anleu Family

Telmen Battulga

즐거운 노동절 연휴 되시기 바랍니다!

이제 연간 기부 행사 "애뉴얼 기빙"의 절반 정도까지 달려 왔는데요, 우리 학교 커뮤니티를 위해 쏟아지는 많은 지원에 힘을 얻고 있습니다. 벌써 4개 반이 100% 기부 참여를 달성했습니다! 지금까지 참여와 기부에 앞장서고 있는 Ms. Kwon (Rm 35) 와 Ms. Kwon (Rm35) 축하합니다.

리더보드에서 각 반의 기부 진행 상황을 확인하실 수 있습니다. 100% 참여를 달성하는 선착순 9개 반에는 선생님께 기프트 카드, 학급에는 특별한 선물이 제공됩니다. 지금까지 학교 전체의 참여율은 51%입니다. 우리의 목표는 여러분의100% 참여이며 지금까지 큰 진전을 이루고 있습니다. Panthers 가족 여러분 모두 힘내세요!

저희는 모든 가정이 학생당 $1000를 기부해주시도록 권하고 있습니다. 그러나 각 가정의 상황에 맞게 더 적은 금액도, 더 많은 금액도 상관 없습니다. 가정의 상황을 고려하셔서 의미 있는 금액으로 기부해주시면 됩니다. 우리 모두의 참여로 모든 학생들이 혜택을 누리게 됩니다.

만약 여러분의 가정이 우리 지역 사회에 보다 관대한 지원을 제공할 수 있는 위치에 있다면, 보다 큰 지원으로 참여해주세요. 또한, 여러분의 직장이나 사업체에서 기부금 매칭을 제공할 경우 더 큰 서포트가 될 것입니다.에서 가족에게 합리적인 기부계획을 세우십시오.

우리 모두가 함께 합니다!

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