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PTA Membership Update

Thank you 3rd Street Families for your support of our PTA!!  And, a very special thank you to the H. Lee’s Room 25 family…our first class to reach 100% participation!  Thank you for all those that have signed up for your PTA Memberships.  All classes that reach 100% participation will receive a cupcake party and the first three classes will also receive $150 gift card for the teacher.  Our PTA Membership Drive ends this Friday, October 30, 2020! Thank you for your continued support of our 3rd Street Family. Your PTA dues help fund critical school resources and programs that serve to strengthen the education of our children and our school community, including the Reflections Art Program, School of Excellence, and many other programs and initiatives. Join the PTA at  There are multiple memberships available, starting at $10. Track your class progress here: PTA Membership Class Participation Tracker


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