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We Can Be (Traffic Safety) Heroes!

Curbside drop off for students in grades 1-5 starts this week! In order to use the drop off lines, your student MUST have their Daily Pass in hand either printed out or on their own device. We cannot accommodate scanning parent devices at car windows, nor may parents leave their cars to approach the gates. If your child does not have the Daily Pass QR code in their own possession, please park and walk your child to the gate. PLEASE DO NOT park along any of the school side curbs. Drop off lines reduce congestion and are a critical component in safely and efficiently admitting students to campus, but success depends on your cooperation - and participation. Each classroom in grades 1-5 will be assigned traffic safety duty throughout the year, Room Reps will inform parents when it is your turn to sign up. Traffic safety volunteers support the flow of traffic by opening car doors, assisting with backpacks with permission, and enforcing our no-parking policy.

For the weeks of 8/23 and 8/30, Rooms 25 (H. Lee), 13 (Karchmer), and 15 (Yoon) are responsible for signing up for valet duty. If you are in one of these classes, please sign up here: Traffic Safety Valet Sign Up


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