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Cognitively Guided Instruction (CGI) is a research based approach that supports teachers in creating rich learning opportunities for students that prepare them to meet the demands of the California State Standards in Mathematics.  

Since being selected by the District in 2016 to participate in an Action Research Study around CGI, 3rd Street has been committed to learning and implementing math practices that center around problem solving and routines that build number sense. During instruction, children are provided with opportunities to decide how they can solve problems and encouraged to start with what they already know. They are encouraged to make sense of, persevere and solve problems in multiple ways, and explain and justify their thinking with their peers. As our children engage in mathematics, our teachers engage with their thinking by listening to them and posing questions that focus, assess, and advance their thinking.

The CGI framework helps teachers understand how children's mathematical ideas develop and enables teachers to purposefully choose the task and activities that their children will engage in mathematically. Teachers continually consider how their instruction creates space for them to learn about their students’ mathematical thinking, how it positions students competently, and how it provides opportunities for children to build upon their mathematical ideas.

Additional information about CGI can be found here:

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