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  • Parent parking is only on the street, NOT in the staff parking lot.  

  • Please allow extra time to park on Mondays and Tuesdays when there are street cleaning restrictions in effect from 12-3 pm.  

  • There is a parking space on Las Palmas reserved for the school bus and there is absolutely no parking or drop off in this area.

  • There is one Handicapped Parking space on June just north of 2nd Street.

  • There are restricted turns at certain times from 3rd Street, June Street, and Las Palmas, so read traffic signs carefully!  

  • Do not make U-turns / 3 point turns in front of school.

  • NEVER block our neighbors’ driveways and obey all traffic rules.  Please be considerate of trashcans on garbage collection days. 

  • Please use crosswalks with your children.

  • Helmets are strongly encouraged when riding a bicycle or scooter to school. Please walk your bike/scooter when you arrive at the school crosswalks and on sidewalks around the school.

Morning Drop-off
  • Students are admitted through three different entrances. Each entrance opens at 7:45 am. For the safety and security of your child, please do not drop off children before 7:45 am, as the main school doors are locked and there is no supervision available. Students who need to be dropped off earlier should sign up for Kids KOR morning supervision program.


  • Parents may walk their child onto campus to their designated line-up area.

  • Families with multiple children should enter together through the youngest sibling’s gate.

  • All families are strongly encouraged to continue to use the safety valet car lines. Parents who would like to park and walk their child to the entrance, should not park along any of the school-side curbs. Parents are encouraged to park north of 2nd Street, east of June, and west of Las Palmas and enjoy the walk to their designated entrance.

  • Parents who wish to remain on campus after dropping off their child are invited to congregate in the lunch pavilion area till 8:30. Parents who would like to stay beyond 8:30 AM should proceed to our parent center.

  • Before entering campus, all parents and students must go through Daily Health Check screening procedures. For students, the Daily Health Check screening procedures include either answering questions around wellness and exposure, as well as verifying an individual’s adherence to the District’s safety requirement or using the Daily Pass online portal to answer the Daily Heath Check questions prior to arrival. For parents, the Daily Health Check screening procedures include either answering questions around wellness and exposure, as well as verifying an individual’s adherence to the District’s safety requirement. Parents dropping off their children do not need a Daily Pass.

  • We will no longer be checking student or adult temperatures.

  • Once admitted, all students should proceed directly to their designated waiting area. If given permission by their teacher, students may proceed directly to their classrooms upon arrival.

  • Students who arrive after 8:15 am should check-in the main entrance, June Street A. Students who arrive 8:15 will be considered tardy and will be issued a tardy slip.

Safety Valet​
  • Grade 1-5 students may be dropped off at the grade level’s designated safety valet lane. The Las Palmas A safety valet is for grade 3-5 students.  The June Street A safety valet is for grade 1, 2, and Room 20 students. There is no safety valet for PAL, ETK, TK, and K students. See the map on page 8 for safety valet lane locations.

  • Children of families utilizing the safety valet must either have their Daily Pass QR code printed out or their own personal device that is capable of displaying the Daily Pass QR code. Parents may also show the Daily Pass QR code to the safety valet greeter.

  • Whenever possible, students should exit the car curbside.

  • Do not enter the driveway if you intend to park and walk your child into school.

  • Please follow the direction of the drop-off volunteers in the school drive-through lanes. Please be sure to continually pull forward and drop off passengers in the designated drop off area. Courtesy towards volunteers is expected at all times. Please treat them with respect and provide a good example for your child.

  • Safety valet staff and volunteers are limited to opening doors. Should a child need help to get out of their car seat, the child’s parent will need to provide that assistance.

  • Whenever possible, please have all your child's belongings in the car, not the trunk. DO NOT use this time to give your child lunch money, fix hair, put on coats...etc. Please have all of this done before entering the car lane each morning.

  • Put your car in park when your child is exiting.

  • After exiting their vehicle, the student should proceed to join their entrance check-in queue.

  • Obey all traffic laws and use extreme caution while using the drop off lanes, especially when exiting and merging.

  • At 3rd Street, we rely on our parents to help with morning drop-off. The following classrooms will be assigned to safety valet duty for two consecutive weeks.





















Afternoon Pick-Up​
  • Parents may enter through any of the following locations beginning at 2:25 PM and should then immediately proceed to their child’s morning line-up area.

  • All students should be picked up promptly. PAL, ETK, TK, K, and grade 1 students who are not picked up by 2:45 PM will be sent to the office. Grade 2-5 students will report to Beyond the Bell supervision program.

  • There is absolutely NO WAITING outside school entrances without an adult.  At 3:30 pm, the main door of June is locked.

  • Between 2:45 and 3:30 PM, parents picking up their child from any after-school childcare or school program can enter through June Street A.

  • Between 3:30 PM and 6:00 PM, parents picking up their child from any after-school childcare or school program can enter through the faculty gate in the faculty parking lot.

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