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Morning Drop-off
  • School doors open at 7:45 am. For the safety and security of your child, please do not drop off children before 7:45 am, as the main school doors are locked and there is no supervision available.

  • 3rd Street School has two entrances/exits: the main one on June and another on Las Palmas. Both entrances/exits will remain open for 15 minutes after drop-off and pick-up.

  • All Kindergarten students need to be walked into school and taken directly to their classroom and parents must wait with their children until 8:06am.

  • Grade 1-5 students should proceed directly to the playground. Students are not allowed in the classrooms or breezeways before school, unless given express permission to do so. When the line-up bell rings at 8:03 am, families should say their good-byes and move back from the line up area so that the students can be ready for their teachers.

  • On rainy days, all students should proceed to the cafeteria area or auditorium.

  • Students who arrive after 8:06 AM will be provided a tardy slip. In the event that that no one is present to issue a tardy slip, students must report to the office to obtain a tardy slip before proceeding to class.

  • Do not use the staff parking lot to drop-off students.

  • Parents who wish to remain on campus after 8:15 am should obtain a visitor’s pass and proceed either to the cafeteria area or parent center.

  • Students in Grades 1-5 may be dropped off using the drive-through lanes on June and Las Palmas. To do this, students must be able to open the vehicle door and get out on their own with their backpacks.

  • Do not enter the driveway if you intend to park and walk your child into school.

  • Please follow the direction of the drop-off volunteers in the school drive-through lanes. Please be sure to continually pull forward and drop off passengers in the designated drop off area. Courtesy towards volunteers is expected at all times. Please treat them with respect and provide a good example for your child.

  • Whenever possible, please have all of your child's belongings in the car, not the trunk. DO NOT use this time to give your child lunch money, fix hair or put on coats. Please have all of this done before entering the car lane each morning.

  • Whenever possible, students should exit the car curbside.

  • Put your car in park when your child is exiting.

  • Obey all traffic laws and use extreme caution while using the drop off lanes, especially when exiting and merging.

Parking, Traffic and Safety
  • Parent parking is only on the street, NOT in the staff parking lot.

  • Please allow extra time to park on Mondays and Tuesdays when there are street cleaning restrictions in effect from 12-3 pm.

  • There is a parking space on Las Palmas reserved for the school bus and there is absolutely no parking or drop off in this area.

  • There are restricted turns at certain times from 3rd Street, June Street, and Las Palmas, so read traffic signs carefully!

  • There is one Handicapped Parking space on June just north of 2nd Street.

  • DO use the designated crosswalks and do not cross mid-block with your child.  By jaywalking during high traffic time, you are jeopardizing your child’s life and yours. We experienced MANY near misses last year. Using the crosswalk adds 15 seconds to your day…but by NOT using them you could lose priceless time with your child FOREVER.

  • Do not make U-turns in front of school. This also includes 3 point turns—which are considered U-turns.

  • NEVER block our neighbors’ driveways and obey all traffic rules. Please be considerate of trashcans on garbage collection days.

  • Helmets are strongly encouraged when riding a bicycle or scooter to school. Please walk your bike/scooter when you arrive at the school crosswalks and on sidewalks around the school.

Afternoon Pick-up
  • Both the school's front entrance off June Street and the back entrance off Las Palmas will remain closed up till 15 minutes before dismissal. Parents who wish to enter before the last 15 minutes of the day may do so by entering through the June Street entrance and obtaining a visitor's pass from the main office.

  • Kindergarten students MUST be promptly picked up directly from their teacher. They are NOT allowed to be picked up at the drive through lanes (drive-through lanes are for grades 1-5 only).

  • There is absolutely NO WAITING outside school entrances without an adult. 

  • After 4:30 pm, the front door is locked and pickup is through the Staff Gate in the teacher’s parking lot on June Street.  Please do not park or drop off/pick up in this lot and only use this gate after 4:30 pm.

  • Beginning in January 2018, adult support will no longer be provided at pick-up.

Traffic Duty

At 3rd Street, we rely on our parents to help with morning drop-off. Two classrooms are assigned to traffic duty for two consecutive weeks. Please refer to the schedule below and sign up here.