“As a school, we all agree how important it is for 3rd Street Elementary to foster empathy, kindness, and community, and to be a place that helps our children recognize, understand, and appreciate differences.  However, I believe that our school must do more than just endorse and voice our support of these ideals.


I have always believed in the power of education and I believe that as a school community, we have the responsibility to create space to listen to our children, and to provide them with intentional, purposeful, education on racial injustice, economic inequities, historical trauma, stereotypes, profiling, and bias.  Doing so will enable our children to lead the way toward a more just and equitable society.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                  -Principal Daniel Kim

At 3rd Street, we believe in developing an environment that fosters both emotional and academic excellence.  We value each unique student and family, and always strive to ensure that all families experience a safe and welcoming atmosphere.  We, however, recognize our shortcomings in confronting the biases and prejudices that exist within our community, school, and society. 

3rd Street’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) committee, in partnership with the PTA and FOT, focuses on anti-bias school policies, programs, and learning opportunities, as well as promoting school-wide accountability in celebrating diversity, equity, and inclusivity throughout our community.  We believe in the beauty of diversity, finding it to be a strength in our school community.  We view the differences and commonalities amongst our members as opportunities for exposure to various experiences, deepening empathy, honoring qualities of justice, and learning multiple perspectives and contributions of our individual members.  These opportunities lead to a truly transformative learning experience for both teachers and students.  We acknowledge, value, and celebrate all of the diversity in our community - racial, ethnic, economic, gender and gender identity, sexual orientation, neurodiversity, religious, and cultural.


Building on these beliefs, we are taking actions in the 2020/2021 school year (and beyond) in order to uphold our commitment to improve our anti-bias, anti-racist practice and create a more inclusive environment for students, families, and staff.  

Though these steps are neither sufficient nor exhaustive, we are committed to continuously educate ourselves in order to make institutional and systemic changes within our school that are necessary to create a more equitable, safer, anti-racist learning environment, and to therefore ensure that ALL families experience a sense of belonging at 3rd Street Elementary School. 


3rd Street Elementary

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