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3rd Street Elementary is proud to be one of five elementary schools in LAUSD to offer a Korean Dual Language Two-Way Immersion Program. Our two-way immersion program allows English learners and English proficient students to receive instruction in English and Korean (the target language) in the same classroom and strives to:

  • Develop communicative and academic second language proficiency

  • Develop primary language proficiency

  • Develop academic achievement in all subject areas

  • Instill an appreciation for cultural diversity

  • Acquire cross-cultural competence


What grades are offered this program at 3rd and how many dual language classrooms are there?

The KDLP is offered grades K-5. Currently, there is one class per grade level.


What are the requirements to enter this program? Does my child have to know any Korean to enter the program?

Students may enter the program at any time in grades Kindergarten-1st grade, regardless of their ability to speak Korean. Students entering the program in 2nd grade and beyond must demonstrate target language knowledge comparable to students in the program. We highly encourage non-heritage Korean families to join the program.


Who teaches the Korean Dual Language Program classes?

All KDLP classes are taught by a one teacher model who teaches both languages. All KDLP teachers have a multiple subject credential and BCLAD (authorization to teach the target language), and demonstrate native-like fluency in both languages.


How is Korean taught in the classroom?

English Learners who speak Korean and English-proficient students are mixed in the same classroom to promote bilingualism, biliteracy, and multiculturalism. Both languages are used for instruction at all grade levels. Students are held to the same high academic standards. No mixing of languages – language of instruction is separated. Heterogeneous and homogeneous grouping strategies are used to promote language development and to develop literacy skills in English and Korean.


For additional information including details on how to apply to our KDLP program, check out LAUSD’s info page and FAQ

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