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Special education is specially designed instruction to meet the unique needs of the child.  In order for a child to be eligible for special education, they must have a unique educational need that requires specially designed instruction.  A unique educational need is one that stems from the disability of the child and is significantly different from the educational needs of the student's typical peers.  Specially designed instructional is adapting the content, methodology, or delivery of instruction to address the unique educational needs of the child so that he/she can access the general curriculum and meet State and District educational standards. 

Currently, 3rd Street offers the following Special Education Programs:

Resource Specialist Program (RSP)

 Students with mild to moderate or moderate to severe disabilities who are participating in the core curriculum may receive services through the resource specialist program. Resource specialist students are assigned to their general education classroom for a majority of the school day and receive services from the resource specialist teacher either directly on a collaborative basis with the general education classroom teacher or a Learning Center Model. Grade-level content standards and curriculum provide the foundation for all instruction. In collaboration with the general education teacher, the resource specialist teacher implements a program of student support consisting of an array of services including co-planning, co-teaching, and direct service. Resource specialist teacher support includes, but is not limited to, instruction in behavior strategies, basic academic skills, organization and study skills, social skills, and the use of cognitive strategies.

Preschool for ALL Learners (PAL)

The PAL Special Day Program serves up to 10 special education eligible children under kindergarten age with moderate to severe needs. The staff includes an early childhood special education teacher and two special education trainees/assistants. The class meets Monday through Friday for 4.5 hours daily. 


The content of the program is based on the District adopted preschool curriculum and stresses the facilitation of goals and objectives through developmentally appropriate concrete experiences and play. The program includes opportunities for interaction with typical preschool and kindergarten peers served in programs on the same school campus. Speech/Language and Adapted Physical Education services are embedded through the daily classroom routines and instruction.

Special Day Programs for Students with Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD; Grades K-2)

Special Day Programs serve pupils whose nature or severity of disability may preclude participation in a general education program for a majority of the school day. The program provides core content instruction by a credentialed special education teacher within a small class setting.

For more information, see the LAUSD Division of Special Education website or contact the staff member below.

Bronda Everett

Assistant Principal, Education Instruction Specialist


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