Cafe LA - School Lunch Program

The Los Angeles Unified School District operates a cafeteria for all students at Third Street Elementary School, serving breakfast and lunch.

Children may bring lunch or buy lunch from the cafeteria for $3.00.  A healthy snack is served daily during the morning nutrition-break schedule for $2.50. Meals are ONLY for students. Students can pay cash or purchase lunch credit in the mornings from the cafeteria staff.

Some families may be eligible to receive free or reduced price lunch for $.40 and breakfast for $.30 by submitting a Meal Application to the district. The Meal Application is mailed home at the beginning of the school year or can be requested in the Main Office. Meal Applications may also be submitted online at Once you submit an application, you will receive a notice in the mail as to whether your child/children can receive free or reduced-price meals. We strongly encourage all parents/guardians to submit a Meal Application regardless if you believe your child/children will not qualify based on your current income level. 

Cafeteria menus for the month are available in the Main Office, or you may also view it at