Thank you for your incredible support of Third Street’s Annual Giving Drive!

We reached 90% school-wide participation! We had 23 classes reach 100% participation.

We surpassed our annual giving fundraising goal! A big thank you to the translators, the sponsors, the room reps, and our community for working together to keep our school enriching and competitive in these wild times.

Way to go Panthers!

3가 초등학교 애뉴얼 기빙 드라이브(Annual Giving Drive)에 대한 학부모 여러분의 큰 성원에 감사드립니다!

학교 전체 참여율은 90%를 기록했습니다. 23 반이 100 % 참여했으며, 전체 기부 금액은 목표를 초과했습니다.

불안정한 이 시기에 풍요롭고 경쟁력 있는 학교를 유지하기 위해 이번 기부행사의 진행과 번역에 도움을 주신 부모님들과 각반의 참여를 이끌어주신 부모님들, 그리고 기부에 참여해주신 모든 분들께 큰 감사를 드립니다. Panther 가족 여러분, 감사합니다!

This week’s donors:


The Kimpo Family

The Marzola Family

The Wilson Family

The Kim Family

Athena's Mom

Hubbard Family

The Schneider Family

The Francis Family

The Schulman Family

Na Young Kang

Jeremy Arnold

Mi Yoo

Evan Townsley

The Kim Family

The Cherian Family



The Mawji Family

The Choi Family

Chavez family

Lee Family

Oguz Family

Cho Family

Park Family

The Khaneja Family

Seung Hoon Lee and Eun Young Kim

Sun's Famiy

Rebecca Garofano

The Gomez Family

Mutalipassi Family

Yun Kyu Ra

Rida Hamzeh

The Hirschmann Family



Kamaga-Smith Family

The Weisert Family

The Rainey Family

Bryce Yang Family

Arias Family

Nicholas Z

The Garcia Family

Kaylee Suh Family

Robert Kim

Christina Clark

Dana Family

The Basconcillo Family

Kamatani Family

For You

Jasper Family

Joshua Kim's Family

Nolan Issac

The Zeke family

The Min Family

The Lee Family


The Maehara family

Shanny Arnold

The Baker Family

The McLaughlin Family

Kang Joong Jun

Charles Zaritskiy

The Yang Batbayar Family

The Adams Family

Sienna Kim Family

Oligney Family

Arthur Freyman

Kim Family

Ethan's Family


Seo Family

Anonymous SPONSOR

Anonymous SPONSOR

The Nunez-Encalada Family

David Liepe

Yuri Choi

Sangjoong Kim

SPONSOR -- rm 15

SPONSOR - rm 17

Jena English

The Yamazaki Family

Won Bong Chang

Bilguun Family

The Meisenbach-Simonian Family

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