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Let's Support Our Amazing School Together!

Hello Third Street Families! Another exciting school year has begun! Are you seeking a way to support Third Street Elementary? Consider these opportunities!

Stop by our fresh squeezed limeade stand this Thursday!

Become a member of our PTA starting at just $10! What is the PTA? PTA is Third Street Elementary’s Parent Teacher Association, led by parents. The PTA supports critical academic needs; is an active voice on decisions that impact your child’s health, safety and quality of education; and builds a stronger, more inclusive school community! We invite you to join the PTA as increasing our membership, even by one, makes it possible to implement awesome school programs and events such as: · Reflections Art Competition · School Garden · Book Fair · Spirit Day Celebrations · Teacher Appreciation Week Whether you have extra time or financial resources to give, supporting the PTA provides growth opportunities for each child on campus. Together, we can accomplish great things! Joining only takes 5 minutes and starts at just $10:

Contribute to our Friends of Third (FOT) annual giving campaign

It’s an exciting time for Third Street Elementary. We are growing! This year, FOT helped to add a third grade and fifth grade classroom to ensure upper-grade students benefit from individual attention in smaller classrooms.

In partnership with program vendors, FOT provides critical programs like Tech and PE, after-school library hours, mindfulness, and arts programs. This year, FOT will continue strong support of both our students and teachers, with professional development, campus improvements, additional classroom support and more.

Let’s work together toward 100% school-wide participation since 100% of our kids benefit from these great programs!

See where your class stands here: .

Make a donation that is meaningful for your family at You can set up a payment plan or do a one time donation. Choose what works for you!

Congratulations to Ms. S. Lee in room 18 who is leading for participation.

Our goal is 100% participation and if your class families all make a meaningful contribution to annual giving, the teacher will receive a gift card:

1st 3 classes to 100% = $200

2nd 3 classes to 100% = $150

3rd 3 classes to 100% = $100

Every teacher whose class reaches 100% participation thereafter will receive a $50 gift card.

Thank you to this week’s donors:

The Oilvia Yoon Family

The Besser Family



Ellery and Sonny

Mason Kim's Family

The Braun Family

The Cameron / Dingle Family

The Reich Family

Stella Kim and Family

The Shaw Family

Lauren Chong Family

The Singh Family

Ashley Jun

The Pring Family

The Lee Family

The Rojas Family

Baek Family

Lewis Park Family


The Zelman Family

Allison Holcombe + Tom H Johnson

Huerta/Simone Family

Rafiei Family

Suh Family

Minhee and Chris Hippisley-Coxe

Jina Kim's Family

Alexander Yoon

The Ranen Family

The McGuire Family

Micah Kim Family

Hailey Kim's Family

Joshua Lee 4th Grade

The Budd Family

The LoSasso Family

Joshua's Family

Mabel + Lloyd

The Shapiro Family

The Herrmann Family

Segal Family


The Chu Family

Darren Kim

Lottie Gillman's Family

Pierre's Family

Olivia and Parker Bensen

The Cho Family

The Safran-Esparza Family

The Choi Family

Julien Jin kwak room21

The Choi Y Family

The Fu Nguyen Family

Yoomee Roh

Sofia Marie Stevenson

The Zhao Family

The Tam Family

Kim Family

The Lee Family

Lim Family

Jeff and Darcy Spector

Dmitri Gurkins

Griffin/Mauff Family

The Fuller Family

The Park Family

Nancy and Patrick Hagan

Cara Kimm Family

Jaden Arias

The Kreinik-Siegel Family

J. Lee Family

The Bae Family

Stephen Choi and Hae Won Lee

Josiah Park

Trevor Walker

Taewan Kwon

Katie Kang

Ian Park Family

Mirae Song

The Choi Family

The Kim Family

The Abrams Family

The Moon Family

The Vazquez Family

The Marzola Family

The Kim Family

Sean's Family

Uttamchandani Family

Koo Family

The Friends of Friends of Third Family :)

The Kim Family

The Banzali Family

The Woolley Family

Hanara and Hansol Song's Family

Stephanie Hartnett

Nicole Choi's Family

Kuroki Sammons Family

Baron and Mandy Koo

Michelle and Brandon Richman

Hong Family

The Na-Nakamura Family

The Shahak Family

The Juah Shin Family

Ezra Estrada & Family

The Petronzio Family

The Callahan Family

The Hooker Family

The Cross Family

Lauren Burns

The Cox Family

Noah Kim

Peter Zschaschel

The Song Family

Kiric Family

The Yi Family

The Chong Family

The Kho Family

The Kim Family

Aaron Chong

Noah Moon's Parents

Bobby Lee

Moncrief Family

Kate Kim

The Newmark Family

The Wright Family

The Kim Family

The Stoppani Brown Family

Emily Kim's Family

Whalen family

The Ethan Baek Family

Goshin Family

Sharon's Family

The Ryu Family

3가 가족분들 안녕하세요,

우리 학교는 계속해서 좋아지고 있어요! 이 모든 발전을 보고 느끼실 수 있을 거예요. 올 해 FOT는 정원을 줄여 아이들이 더 많은 관심을 받을 수 있도록 3학년과 5학년의 반을 추가하였습니다.

또한 다양한 기관들과 파트너십을 체결하여 테크랩 클라스와 체육, 방과 후 도서관 수업, 명상, 아트 등의 프로그램을 지원하고 있습니다.

FOT는 올해도 학생들과 교사들을 물심양면으로 지원하고, 캠퍼스 내 시설 개선과 각 교실 내 지원도 계속할 것입니다.

100% 학생들이 이 모든 프로그램들의 혜택을 받으니 모든 가정이 참여하여 참여율도 100% 를 만들어요! 금액은 참여율과 상관이 없습니다.

각 반 기부 진행 사항은 이 곳에서 확인해 주세요.

기부를 통한 직접 참여를 통해서 학교 발전과 아이들의 성공적인 학업 성취, 행복한 학교 생활을 함께 만들어 가요. 기부 금액은 각 가정의 상황에 부담이 되지 않는 수준으로 선택해 주시면 됩니다.에서 직접 온라인으로 기부를 하셔도 되고, 체크나 현금은 도네이션 form을 작성하셔서 함께 넣어 오피스에 전달해 주시면 됩니다.

현재 RM18, Ms. S. Lee 선생님 반이 선두를 달리고 있습니다. 축하드립니다.

목표는 참여율 100%를 달성하는 거예요. 100% 참여율을 달성한 첫 3반 선생님께는 200불, 두번째 달성 3반 선생님께는 150불, 세번째 3반 선생님께는 100불 상당의 수업에 사용 가능한 기프트 카드를 드립니다. 또한 100% 달성된 모든 반에도 50불 기프트 카드를 드려요. 빨리 참여해 주실 수록 추가로 각 교실에 지원을 받을 수 있는 기회가 높아집니다.

이번주의 기부 가정 명단입니다. 모두 감사합니다.

Amazon Smile

When you make purchases at Amazon using Amazon Smile, a percentage of your purchase goes back to support programs at our school!

To set or change your charitable organization in Amazon:

Sign in to on your desktop or mobile phone browser. From your desktop or app, go to Your Account and select the option to Change your Charity. Or, from your mobile browser, select change your charity from the options at the bottom of the page. Search for Third Street School PTA.


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